Before using this wikiCertainlyPlease look at here.
Moreover, when you use this wiki, a chat, and a bulletin board,
It is considered that it has agreed with this agreement.

Explanation of this wiki

Also about whether he would like to generate by use of this wiki, and the becoming damage
Please understand that a janitor and a vice-janitor do not take any responsibility.
Contents judged to be an offenderI cope with it, when is written in.
When you damage and an act is able to be found, please inform a janitor in a report and an opinion.

Contents judged to be an offender

I will perform edit regulation, when broken by the following contents.
  • Scandalous contents
  • Vulgar contents
  • Contents with bad wording
  • Contents include the name which hides its true character [ corresponding for damaging ] [ contents and a its ]
  • The contents, continuation edit, and contribution which becomes infringement of the contents and personal information which becomesinfringement of the contents and privacy judged to be Offender
  • Doubtful contents
  • However it may think, they are contents which are not related.
In addition to this, it is on a janitor / vice-janitor judgment.
※Moreover, anyone is [ these contents ] adapted also for a painting book, a chat, and a bulletin board.

comment regulation

Lv Contents
Lv.1 Cautions
Lv.2 Comment regulation for several days
Lv.3 Comment regulation for several weeks
Lv.4 Comment regulation for several months
Lv.5 Eternal comment regulation
Lv.6 polisi Report

Comment deletion is performed on every level.
Since it is still under edit, it may add/edit.